Crane Rental Service

We are able to provide high quality Crane rental services, from  15 Ton Broderson Cranes all the way to 110 Ton Link-Belt Cranes, and if required, we even offer the rental of 300 Ton Cranes.

Why our Crane rental service is different

We are the leading Crane rental services in safe operations, providing Crane operation training and extensive workplace precautions to our Crane operators. We focus on respect, honesty and a dedicated commitment to all of our Crane rental customers, ensuring that our customers are happy and completely satisfied with our Crane rental service from start to finish.

Our hoisting engineers are kept up to date, as they are regularly upgraded in safety standards.

Cranes Available for Rent

Our Crane rentals are ready to go in Chatham-Kent and are fully equipped to hoist steel beams, re-bar, grain elevators, transformers, water towers, cement, erosion control slabs, docks, boats, trees, cars, signs, transport trailers, forklift trucks, posts, overhead cranes, boom cranes, roofing material, jib crane trusses and so much more.

Featured Crane Rentals

110 Ton Link-Belt HTC86110 Hydraulic Crane

  • 164′ of main boom
  • 3-piece swing away with 10′, 35′ and 58′ lengths with 2° – 45° offsets
  • Maximum tip height of 230′ has a capacity of 7,500 lbs.
  • 10′ offset swing away with 164′ main boom has a capacity of 15,000 lbs.
  • Double wrap-around man basket available

90 Ton Link-Belt HTC8690 Hydraulic Crane

  • 237′ Five section boom
  • 140’ Main boom
  • 35’ one piece lattice fly with 2, 15, 30 & 45 degree offsets
  • Full 39,000 lb. counterweight
  • Anti-2-Block (Safety Device)
  • Double wrap-around man basket available
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